Phi's Applied Research Accelerator

Our Objective

The Program is designed to equip bright researchers and students with the proper mindset to turn Scientific Research into Products & Scalable Businesses


Product Strategy for Research

Product Design for Research

Product Development for Research

Final Project Presentation


It is about creating something by thinking across boundaries.


Deeper knowledge is acquired through an active exploration of real-world challenges and problems.


We concentrate on building services or products in areas where innovation can create and disrupt highly-demanded industries.

World Experts

Our wide network array of world scientists and large tech companies industry-professionals offer unparalleled knowledge, mentorship and feedback to students while building their innovative projects.

Example of Projects Participants have previously worked on


The Ultimate Wearable Underwater Sea Scooter.


A novel device to identify the causative agent of an infection at point of care stations quickly and efficiently.


AI Computer-vision powered blood Cross-match test.


New shading Technology that controls daylight and heat gain through windows.

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